Turn the challenge of customer returns into an advantage

With eCommerce return rates climbing as high as 30% or more, efficiently managing the customer experience around returns management is critical. 

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Take the pain out of customer returns

Radial has been helping retailers streamline their returns management for more than 30 years. We have the technology, partners, and operational expertise to set up a program that is customized for your business needs and makes the experience as easy as possible for your customers. Returns are inevitable but we can reduce the costs and hassles associated with the eCommerce returns process.

Solve the challenges of customer returns

Our integrated offerings include hasslefree, costeffective shipping alternatives to provide your customers an efficient returns management experience. Keep customers coming back with a fast and easy returns process that minimizes losses, streamlines workflows, and optimizes inventory. We can help you execute an omnichannel returns program that provides greater visibility into in-stock, purchased, and returned items to keep products and revenue flowing.

Be proactive and anticipate customer needs

Radial knows that timeliness is key as the clock is ticking once your customer requests a return to when a refund is initiated. Our technology enables you to set the business rules for us to enable quick crediting decisions and drive a replacement or exchange conversion. Returns management can be a complex undertaking behind the scenes, but you can make returning products an easy process for your customers.  

Take control of returns

We have the expertise to provide accurate evaluation, disposition, and reporting of returned merchandise so you can maximize the value of your inventory assets. You gain a 360-degree view of inventory so you can optimize your operations and master the entire returns management process. Decrease the costs of eCommerce returns while keeping customer satisfaction high. 

Make the most of your inventory

Our team’s ability to perform light repairs and refurbishment allows you to resell a higher proportion of your returned goods. Instead of taking a loss, Radial’s returns management solutions enable you to turn returned products into sellable merchandise. 

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